2009 Rankings

missouri high school volleyball coaches association


Rankings determined by Ken Corum, with input from coaches statewide

In order for the rankings to be more accurate, coaches please email kcorum@nkcsd.k12.mo.us with your thoughtful input for the next rankings. Send your top tens with evidence for your rankings. Only coaches' emails will be considered--anonymous or non-coaches' emails will be deleted. Please put "State Rankings" in the email subject.

The goal is to have rankings on the website on Mondays starting September 14 (9/14, 9/21, 9/28, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19). Coaches of ranked or hope to be ranked teams, please email me your updated record the Sunday prior to the next rankings.

Also, please keep in mind the PURPOSE of state rankings--they are designed to promote the sport!!! We REALLY DON'T know for sure who the top ten teams in the state are!! We just want to people to talk volleyball across the state and to assist the media making sure that volleyball is on their radar screens--that's all! So, please, when you send your emails to me, state your case in the positive and let's not slam the rankings themselves, other coaches or other teams that may be ranked.
Preseason rankings - 8/30/09 - now available - click here
2nd rankings - 9/14/09 - now available - click here
3rd rankings - 9/21/09 - now available - click here
4th rankings - 9/28/09 - now available - click here
5th rankings - 10/5/09 - now available - click here
6th rankings - 10/12/09 - now available - click here
Final regular season rankings - 10/19/09 - now available - click here
How they fared in postseason - 10/31/09 - now available - click here
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